Bambu Lab – Steel Extruder Gear Assembly – X1, P1 Series

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The steel extruder gear assembly serves as an integral component within the hardened steel extruder unit, comprising both a driven gear and an active gear. Together, these components collaborate to facilitate the smooth feeding of filament into the hotend.

Constructed from robust materials, such as heavy-duty steel, the extruder gear exhibits enhanced durability, making it particularly adept at accommodating tough engineering filaments like PAHT-CF and PET-CF. This durability ensures sustained performance over extended periods of use. In the event of wear or blockages arising from prolonged printing, users have the option to replace the extruder gear assembly individually, rather than needing to replace the entire extruder unit.

*In the P1 Series Extruder Unit, users initially receive a stainless steel extruder gear. However, for improved resistance against abrasion when working with engineering filaments, users have the option to upgrade to the hardened steel extruder gear.

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