Geekservo STEM Strong Servo 360 Dual Shaft (Lego Compatible) – (HKBD8008A)

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Geekservo has created an amazing range of Lego compatible motors and servos which make your coding & robotics projects better than ever!
Use them with a micro:bit, Arduino or ESP board.
Our preference is using it with micro:bit and MakeCode.

Operating Voltage: 3.3V~6V
Rated Voltage: 4.8V
Rated Current: 70mA
Blocked Rotor Current: 900mA
Slipping Current: 700mA
Maximum Torque: 1.6kg±0.2kg/cm(4.8V)
Rotational Speed: 60°/0.14s
Rotational Range: 0°~360°
Weight: 20g
Connector: Orange-Red-Brown Servo Connector

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